Adverts Stink

BLT/Cologne or ‘Adverts Stink’ is a project based around humour in design and advertising. The project was inspired by a sketch from ‘A Bit Of Fry And Laurie’ where the credits sequence for their 4th season was a skit of perfume adverts called ‘Pretension, By Fry and Laurie’ I loved the joke so much that I though using a comedic style in advertising can be very successful. So I decided to create 2 adverts where the styles were swapped over. An advert for a BLT sandwich in the style of a cologne advert and a fragrance advert in the style of a supermarket advertisement. The tolal budget for these videos (excluding the camera and studio space) was £11.78 Model-Jed Holloway Make Up Artist-@heatherlinesmua (instagram)